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Before using from your mobile, it pays to check with your mobile provider to make sure you are a) aware of additional costs mobile operators charge and b) being billed correctly by mobile operators. Fixed line users do not have to worry about such additional charges.

is a revolutionary service that allows you to make cheap international calls instantly from any home or mobile phone.

What makes such a great service is that you will be charged for your call by your current service provider at the rate listed for the access numbers you use. So you can use the service any time you choose without going through registrations or subscriptions!

No registration, no subscriptions, no accounts, no credit cards
No more unwanted daily maintenance charges
No more credit lost by cards going dead
No more unseen rate changes
No more misleading posters offering utopian minutes you never get anyway

Instead offers you 'what you see is what you get'!

To make a cheap international call to any one of almost 700 destinations using bob all you need to do is:

1. Dial the country access number listed for the destination you wish to call
2. Enter your PIN number (first call only)
3. Dial the destination number you want to call (including 00+country code)

Callers must ensure they have the bill payers permission before using the bob service. All calls are billed by your telephone line provider at their relevant 0844, 0871 and 09 rates. Prices quoted are from a BT line and are in pence per minute. Prices and availability may vary from other networks. Please call customer service 020 7097 4567 for full details.

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